About SynaptiX - Who We Are

Here at SynaptiX, our staff has been developing internet/intranet websites and applications for companies large and small for the last ten years.

Whether you are looking for a presence on the web, to increase your clientele, drive your company branding or looking for a tool to increase the efficiency and productivity of your company, SynaptiX can help.

No matter your industry or company size, the web can be a powerful force behind your marketing and branding strategies. SynaptiX has put together a team of professionals to assist you in making your mark on the World Wide Web. Your website can be a powerful tool for attracting, informing, and securing new clients. But keep in mind, if it's not done right, you could be missing out on your company's growth potential.
Powerful, effective web design is so much more than a pretty design that's easy on the eyes.

Here are some other factors that play into a successful website design:

Your web design should be an all-inclusive representation of your company's overall branding and marketing objectives.
Aside from looking great, your site should also account for ease of use and how a visitor will click through the various pages on your site.
Your site should also load quickly, helping visitors navigate seamlessly on their way to becoming potential clients.
Above all else, your site should be designed and written in such a way that it ranks highly in search engines, which increases visibility, clicks, and business.